min. max.
Coil width (mm) 500 2000
Coil weight (t)   25
Material thickness (mm) 0,5 5,0
Coil outer diameter (mm)   2200
Coil inner diameter (mm) 508 610

Raw material
Aluminium band bright, varnished, anodized, foil coated, quint sheet metal
Stainless steel band bright, brushed, ground, polished, foil coated (one-sided/two-sided)
Steel band coated /galvanized varnished, galvanized
Further materials on request.

min. max.
Material thickness (mm) 0,5 5,0
Plate length (mm) 150* 8000
Plate width (mm) 100 2000
Between the maximum dimensions listed all sheet dimensions are possible. * The minimum sheet length for additional lengthwise-divided sheets is 500 mm.

Thickness tolerances DIN 59382 / EN 10259
Width tolerances Standard width = factory tolerance
Length tolerances Standard 1/2 DIN
reduced tolerances on request
Orthogonality max. 0,5 %
Levelness DIN EN

Foil coating one sided from above or below, both sides
Type of foil Standard or according to your specification
Paper layer  
For stainless steel, aluminum or coated steel sheets we offer above-mentioned surface protection. Special requirements upon request.